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Submitted on
January 1, 2006


Journal Page

Happy newyear to you all ! :)
I hope you all had a blast last night , or still blasting around ;p
And let this year be a better one then last year ^^ Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh ^^
I didn't make any vows, because i know from myself i won't keep'm :p
The only thing i had to do is to clean up my friends and watch list, it was just getting to big , so i made a seperate page for it (many dialups here -.- (does that still excist? :/))

So what did you guys do last night?
We had dinner -> watched the fireworks -> boozed ourselfs -> and went to bed .
I don't like big crowds that much -.-

To do :

~ Painting for school
~ Commercial work for school
~ A Flying Dragon for :iconflying-dragon: for catching the 5000 hit mark


A few news articles i was featured in
thx guys and girls :) (to bad i lost a few links to other features :/ if someone finds one pls lemme know :)) :……

If anyone has some questions or troubles about what a fractal actually is, pls read this article made by :iconaeires:, he really put allot of effort into this one and it should clear almost any doubt you had about fractals: --->>…;<<---


Friends and Watching

Complete List can be found here:…

Friends from school:


Message me if i forgot you :)



Visit them, join them ;)

Village of Mist


Yoshaaa !
  • Mood: Mad
samisi Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2006
Happy new year:heart:
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